Jimi "Jazz" Prescott

G Love & Special Sauce

While it can’t quite be categorized as blues or rock or psychedelic soul, Philadelphia’s G Love & Special Sauce blends their low-fi charm into a rich, gravy-smooth jumble of hip-hop, backroom blues and R&B. After releasing their self-titled debut album in 1994, G. Love and Special Sauce grew into one of the most acclaimed touring bands on the scene today. Their energetic live performances and solid studio work have kept the band relevant and electrifying for over twenty years. Jimi “Jazz” Prescott has been with the group since the beginning, and after a sabbatical is back on the road with the band. His primary instrument is an acoustic double bass through which he creates the relaxed, blues-funk groove behind G. Love’s entrancing sound. Mr. Prescott was a pioneer in bringing an acoustic bass to a scene dominated by electric bass. This innovation allowed him to not only bring a completely unique sound to mid-90's "jam band" music, but also turned on an entire generation of music fans to the warm, thumping presence of a stand up bass in a rock and roll band, the likes of which hadn't been heard since Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis were in their prime. A true student of jazz, when Mr. Prescott is not on the road with G Love and Special Sauce, he plays various engagements in the Pacific Northwest. The Jim Prescott Trio based in Portland Oregon features stand outs Luke Bonham and Brian Myers, performing straight ahead jazz that has been known to stray off into the heady ether, where rhythm, tone and intonation mix with expression and emotion to form truly bright moments. Their newest release is titled Dogs and Roses. Mr. Prescott was also recently featured in a piece in the Huffington Post. Mr. Prescott has always used the SVT 8 x 10 cabinet in his custom rig, but was recently blown away putting his dual pickup system through two SVT Classic settups on a fly date


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