Hutch Hutchinson

Bonnie Raitt

Even if you haven't heard the name, you most certainly have heard his bass contributions with artists like the Neville Brothers, Elton John, Jackson Browne, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks, Bruce Hornsby, Lyle Lovett, and Jerry Lee Lewis. As a youngster Hutchinson played mandolin and guitar in bluegrass bands but was moved to the bass after seeing Wilson Pickett in concert. Growing up in the folk-blues revival movement in the '60s, he was mentored by the Grateful Dead's Mickey Hart and immersed in a miasma of genres that formed the wide-reach of his bass skills. Jazz, latin, blues, country, reggae, R&B, rock... Today Hutchinson is a walking encyclopedia of music styles. Hutchinson currently plays bass for blues legend Bonnie Raitt, a gig he started in 1981 after her bass player left just three days before a national tour. He's been touring and recording with her every since.


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