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Beefcake the Mighty (Todd Evans)

Band: GWAR
Gear: SVT-4PRO, SVT-810E

As rock`s most outrageous band, Gwar – with outlandish foam latex horror/sci-fi costumes and swimming pools of stage blood, urine and miscellaneous body fluids – is to punk and metal what Jaws is to swimming. Formed in 1985 in Virginia, the band`s over-the-top graphic performances incorporate everything from humorous takes on sadomasochism to reenactments of executions, breaking every social taboo and raising the bar on a few new ones. From 1990’s Scumdogs of the Universe to Beyond Hell in 2006, their motto is: it would be offensive not to offend.

Bassist Todd Evans is the fourth in a line of Beefcake The Mightys. Bedecked in giant, painted foam battle armor and helmet, Evans embodies Gwar`s visual and musical heaviness. His biggest accomplishment may not be how adept he is at thrash metal and punk bass, but how he actually manages to perform with all that costuming and blood. Todd also fronts the punk rock band, Lazy American Workers (LAW).


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