Schoolyard Heroes Zero In On Ampeg

Seattle’s own Schoolyard Heroes have been touring and touring and TOURING supporting their Island/Stolen Transmissions release Abominations for longer than their guitarist’s ‘fro. On the latest leg of this coast-to-coast journey via van, guitarist Steve Bonnell donned an Ampeg Dan Armstrong plexi guitar, joining bandmate and longtime Ampeg bassist Jonah Bergman, who plays–you guessed it– through an SVT-VR head and SVT-810AV cabinet. 

Take a listen to Abominations and you’ll hear the aching vocals of beauty Ryann Donnelly, who typically does shows in big taffeta dresses and Chuck Taylors. She’s supported by drummer Brian Turner, Bonnell and Bergman. Not a lawyer or accountant firm, Schoolyard Heroes is a very rockin’ band who are sure to hit your neck of the woods soon, if they haven’t already dropped by. Rumor has it that Bonnell may be working with Ampeg on some other electric guitar action… An amp? Another guitar? Stay tuned.


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