Greg Rzab: Holiday Wishlist

Ampeg Artist Greg Rzab

Greg Rzab

Blues legend John Mayall relies on Greg Rzab to supply the low-end groove in the studio and on the road. They had a very busy 2017 starting with the sold-out Rock Legends Cruise in January, followed by the release of John Mayall’s Talk About That album. They continued their busy year touring around Europe, the UK, and the US. Their tour even included a 3-night sold-out stand at the famed Ronnie Scott’s in London.

Besides taking a much-needed breather, Greg plans to spend 2018 working with John on releasing a live album, as well as more touring.

So, what’s on Greg’s Wishlist this holiday season?

1. I have a killer all original 1962 Portaflex B-15. Original tubes and all. Just a lovely amp. Used it on many recording sessions. On the cabinet it reads “A_peg”. The “M” is missing! Long gone. Would love to find the “M” from 1962 so I could feel complete again!

2. I used to own one of Jaco Pastorius’ 1960 Fender Jazz basses. Had to sell it some years ago. Worst decision I ever made. Ouch. Broke blues musician at the time. Needed to pay the rent and feed the kiddies, you know how that goes. I WANT IT BACK!

3. So… my wish… if only for a moment, I would like to know what dolphins think. What goes through their mind. How do they see the world? What do they feel? I suspect it would be hugely enlightening.

Best wishes to you in the new year, Greg!


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