Ampeg Artist Lee Rocker Honored at Bass Player Live 2013

As 2013 draws to a close, we would like to take a moment to congratulate Ampeg artist LeeLeeRocker-49 Rocker on being honored at Bass Player Live 2013 this past November. Lee is a co-founding member of the renowned rockabilly group The Stray Cats. In addition to his work with The Stray Cats, Lee has lent his signature bass sound to legendary artists such as Carl Perkins and Dave Edmunds. He has also enjoyed a successful solo career, releasing several albums under his own name beginning in 1994.

“With the Stray Cats, Lee Rocker took the upright bass—already one of the coolest instruments ever—and somehow made it even more hip, slapping the snot out of it to codify the sound of rockabilly bass,” commented Brian Fox, editor for Bass Player.

Lee took the stage at Bass Player Live to perform a few songs including Stray Cats hits “Stray Cat Strut” and “Rock this Town.”

Congratulations Lee!


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