Darryl Jones Clinic Rocks New Zealand Bass Community

Pickin' the Bone with Jones

Darryl Jones, longtime Ampeg artist and bassist for the Rolling Stones, stopped by the Rock Shop in New Zealand for an exclusive appearance and signing hosted by Ampeg distributor Music Link NZ.

The day before the Rolling Stones show in Auckland, Darryl spent some quality time with the Ampeg team, talking bass amps and partaking in one his favorite past times, fishing out in Auckland Harbor.


Afterwards, they returned ashore and headed over to the Rock Shop for the evening festivities, which they called “Pickin the Bones with Jones”.

They had a packed house of 60 key bass players from Auckland and the surrounding areas, who were personally invited to hang out and meet Darryl.

Darryl-at-RockShop_01Darryl opened the evening by playing his bass and laying down some grooves, then moved into a Q & A with attendees which went for on for at least an hour.  If you’ve ever seen a clinic with Darryl, then you know it is always a truly a fantastic interaction between the local bass community and a bass legend.

Darryl-FishingOnce the Q & A ended, Music Link gave away t-shirts to random guests, then set up a signing table for Darryl in front of a display of Ampeg products.  During the signing, attendees  engaged with Darryl as well as a few of the crew from the Rolling Stones.

A big thank you goes out to Darryl Jones and Musiclink NZ! It is always inspiring to see bass icons like Darryl interact with other bassists, talk about music and just hang.



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