New Ampeg Micro-VR Delivers Classic Ampeg Tone in Ultra-Compact Package

ANAHEIM, CA – January 15, 2009 Ampeg introduces a miniature solid-state version of the legendary SVT amplifier, known as the Micro-VR Head ($299.99 MSRP), in a size ideally suited for smaller venues and recording studios where the original SVT rig would be both too large and too loud.



Donning classic Ampeg looks – including the silver face, black tolex, chrome corners and silver-blue grille cloth – the Micro-VR Head is no mere plaything. Despite its diminutive size (5.5″ H x 12″ W x 10″ D), the head boasts a true Ampeg preamp, delivering up to 200 watts of pure Ampeg tone.


As a companion, Ampeg also introduces the SVT-210AV ($299.99 MSRP) loudspeaker enclosure, the portable alternative to a full-sized SVT cabinet. Featuring the classic Ampeg style and sound, the SVT-210AV houses two 10-inch Eminence speakers in a compact sealed cabinet that is only two feet tall. Weighing in at approximately 30 pounds, the new cabinet is a decidedly more portable than its refrigerator-sized, 165-pound big brother, the SVT-810AV.

“We’re the first to admit that the new Micro-VR rig is cute, but it shouldn’t be lost that this is a real Ampeg and a truly professional amplifier,” said Zane Williams, amplifier products manager for Ampeg. “It’s the result of input from our artists and Ampeg customers who’ve been asking for a modular, portable and usable live/recording system that fits into a lot spaces, is easy to move around and delivers our signature tone.”


The Micro-VR and SVT-210AV is now shipping to retailers. See them at NAMM 2009 in Booth 5676.


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