Heaven & Hell, Ampeg Micro-VR and Geezer Butler

Geezer-Butler-and-Micro-VR.gifThe super group Heaven & Hell is currently touring, supporting their new album The Devil You Know. One quarter of this awesome group is bassist Geezer Butler, who wrote most of the Black Sabbath songs you know and love, has been delivering pounding bass lines since before you could say the word “bass.”

His talent is incomparable, even when sharing the stage with other legends like Ronnie James Dio, Tony Iommi and Vinny Appice. There are still a few dates left on their U.S. tour, so check out the tour page to see if you can get to a show.

Heaven & Hell recently played in Seattle, so the Ampeg artist relations crew took a trip out to the show. They brought along a Micro-VR as a gift. Geezer immediately took to the Micro combo that could deliver true Ampeg tone without breaking your bank or back. Geezer is even contemplating using the Micro-VR combo on the next Heaven & Hell record. Thanks for the good show, Geezer…we hope to hear you rocking that Micro soon.


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