1. Orson's Well With Ampeg

    Hollywood alt/pop band Orson has been hitting it big in the UK lately, and bassist Johnny Lonely‘s been holding down the bottom end with… you guessed it, Ampeg. Our intrepid photog/gadfly David Phillips snapped this photo showing Lonely with an … more »

  2. R.E.M.'s Mike Mills Seen With Dan Armstrong… See-Through Bass That Is

    Imagine Ampegleg Pete’s happy joy when he learned that one of his favorite bands of all-time was releasing an early-years best-of with lots of rare and unreleased tunage. Now, imagine my happy happy joy joy to see R.E.M. bassist Mike … more »

  3. Cracker & Camper Van Beethoven Share Krummenacher

    Huh? All right… Victor Krummenacher, co-founder of ’80s college rock faves Camper Van Beethoven, is currently out on tour with both CVB and Cracker. Cracker, you may know, was started by fellow CVB co-founder David Lowery after CVB broke up. … more »

  4. Ampeg Is On Charlotte's Side, Yes It Is…

    Actually, Ampeg is behind her. Charlotte Cooper, bass player for England’s The Subways, was recently spotted onstage in Seattle, WA at Endfest (107.7 The End’s annual big outdoor gig) with vintage Ampeg SVT enclosures and heads behind her. The teenage … more »

  5. Ampeg Loves You….This Much!!!!

    What do ya do when you’re standing on the side of the stage, enjoying a show, haning in the tech area while Sammy and Michael are on stage playing and kickin some xxxx rock n roll, and then all of … more »

  6. Michael Anthony Looks Good In An Ampeg Dan Armstrong Guitar

    The Ampeg Dan Armstrong lucite guitar is not only a great playing guitar, but also doubles as a fish bowl. When you’re getting small and tired of playing music, just crawl inside the guitar and peer outside. That’s what they … more »

  7. Michael Anthony Plays Van Halen This Summer With Sammy Hagar

    Michael Anthony is “the other half” of Van Halen. When Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony went out on tour this summer, it was obvious that Michael is in his element playing and singing Van Halen songs. If you didn’t catch … more »

  8. Behind The Scene And On Stage With Sammy Hagar

    When you see Sammy Hagar play live, be prepared to see him not only tear it up on stage with his music and killer band, but also be prepared for a party. What else would you expect, when you have … more »

  9. Larry Cragg Loves His Ampeg Tube DI

    When it comes to tubes, Larry Cragg knows what he’s talking about. Larry has been the tech for Neil Young for years and is also a renound tube amp expert. When Larry tried out the Ampeg SVT-DI, it was an … more »

  10. World Party's Nathan Fisher & Ampeg

    Karl Wallinger’s group World Party has an LP output so small, you can count their releases on one hand. So when the nearly 20 year old group goes out on tour, it’s an event. They’re on tour in the US … more »

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